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Over 50 Years of Reliable Service

Averitt is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain solutions with an international reach of over 100 countries. Our LTL, Truckload, Dedicated, Distribution & Fulfillment, and Integrated services provide shippers access to a wide array of customized solutions that cover every link in the supply chain.

Together, these services and technology offerings provide "The Power of One" to shippers, delivering access to multiple transportation solutions from a single provider. 


Who We Are By The Numbers

Solutions At Every Turn

When you partner with Averitt, you have access to asset-based services and logistics solutions designed to help you streamline your supply chain from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between, including:


Seamless From Point to Point


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Our Ongoing Sustainability Mission

At Averitt, we recognize that sustainability isn’t simply a goal – it’s an ongoing responsibility. Particularly for those of us in the transportation industry.

To that end, we know there is no finish line, because there is always more we can do to protect and preserve the natural resources we all depend on.

  • 38% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • 96% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 6.2 million galls of diesel fuel saved

Click Here To Learn About Averitt's  Environmental Responsibility Initiatives


What Our Customers Are Saying

customer-review (1)
Our driver was great. Upbeat and very professional. Understood our shipping needs, and followed the packing slip to the T! He was very positive despite the rain and other delays. These guys are the best!
Robert M.
Freight Clerk
customer-review (2)
This company is very professional, and employee oriented. They have so many perks for the employees, and they service the customer better than any logistics company.
Shelly R.
Shipping & Receiving Manager
customer-review (3)
Your drivers took great care of my shipment from Milwaukee to Atlanta. They were on time as scheduled with a very courteous driver who followed instructions well. Thanks for an excellent delivery!
Leila H.
Store Owner

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